cost 108 ms
Interface SPI1 and SPI2 on Nucleo-F446RE

I have Nucleo-F446RE board. I would like to send data by SPI1 and receive it by SPI2 only for educational purposes. Unfortunately SPI2 doesn't receive ...

2022-09-27 21:11:46 0 8
Error C2280 in a simple piece of C++ code

I'm trying to solve a "stupid" problem I got with Visual Studio Enterprise 2022. I created a new MFC application from scratch, then I added this sing ...

2022-09-27 20:12:44 2 33
Transmitting over UART on STM32

Hello i am using an STM32 as the host mcu for a SI4362 radio. the radio uses SPI communication to initialize. although i am stepping through meaning i ...

2022-09-27 19:29:01 0 20
Avoid ambiguity in C++

I am trying to implement a C++ wrapper alongside my C project. So, for example, I have "window.h" which has the standard C include guard. It requires ...

2022-09-27 19:24:22 1 66

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