Matrix elements between two diagonals

I need to make a matrix that would print number X between two diagonals, and the rest is number Y. Right diagonal is: 'i==j' Left diagonal is: 'i+j== ...

2022-09-27 21:25:01 2 23
Type alias with union

I currently have this type alias, and some associated functions in my code: Constant = int def operation(data: Union[Constant, OtherTypes]): if ...

2022-03-18 10:09:50 2 291
Add more than one `add_n`

Is it possible to add more than one add_n? The following code returns the error: ! Column "n" not found and was ignored. gtsummary::tbl_summary(type ...

2022-09-27 22:12:56 0 4
Unable to join two table JPA

I have two table and I try to join use column idsubscriber but show some error. Class Subscriber: @Entity @Table(name = "subscriber") @XmlRootElemen ...

2022-09-27 08:57:21 2 29
Java Array Sort descending?

Is there any EASY way to sort an array in descending order like how they have a sort in ascending order in the Arrays class? Or do I have to stop bei ...

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