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Custom class shares name with C# class

I am looking through the codebase left behind by my predecessor and got confused by the following class definition, which appears to copy a Microsoft ...

2022-09-27 20:20:11 1 37
print word in adobe pdf convert

Good afternoon friends, I am testing a code to generate a pdf document from an adobe pdf printer. the document is created in the folder, however it ...

2022-09-27 19:37:40 0 17
Isolating a float value in a .csv file

I stumbled upon a little coding problem. I would like to read a .csv file and handle its data as float numbers (for changing some parameters of an obj ...

2022-09-27 19:10:44 0 32
Entity Framework is not updating my table

I'm trying to do a simple update using Entity Framework. No matter what I try, this will not save my changes in the database. No errors are thrown: ...

2022-09-27 18:08:41 0 28
Trouble with generic method

so I've been assigned a cinema project to complete for college, which involves me taking input of type Int and DateTime. I decided to create a method ...

2022-09-27 17:31:34 1 46
Blazor Server - one URL

I need to pass a parameter to page:{id}/{anotherID} I don't want user to see parameters: or w ...

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