Maven not packaging dependencies with jar

I am trying to create a jar file for a java project using Maven. Running mvn package creates a jar without errors however attempting to run it on the ...

2021-11-28 21:10:33 0 2
How to add edges to gridpane

I am struggling with writing a program that requires me to make a nonogram game using GUI and MVC design patterns. Since it's a nonogram game, I need ...

2021-11-28 21:09:05 2 34
Label return zero value

I have the following code in ASP.NET but when run the code it returns me 0 value in label lblassest.Text. Can anyone tell me where is the problem? if ...

2021-11-28 21:08:52 2 39
navbar links clickable area too big

I have completed a landing page the only issue that I seem to run into is that the navbar links are clickable even if I don't hover over the link. I h ...

2021-11-28 21:07:55 1 17

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